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About Us

Positive Audio Limited was formed back in 2008. We clearly saw the need for a dedicated company that can help SME type business who are involved with Audio related products to get their businesses and brands established across the Asia/Pacific region. Over the years since establishment we have grown our service base and now not only focus on Audio products but also on consumer accessories and particularly those that are retailed through the Apple channels and specialist accessory channels.

A great number of SME’s attempt to enter into the Asia/Pacific region with little knowledge or insight into how business works in the region. Many simply believe that things should be the same as in their home country. They also face issues with funding dedicate sales people or the travel that is required to effectively manage the region. This is where Positive Audio Limited can add value. We have more than 20 -years experience working within the region and have existing contacts and a solid network we can call upon to get your brand placed quickly and with the best partners. We are in the region and travel to every country on a frequent basis and obviously we are able to do this at a lower cost/time than having sale people fly thousands of miles from Europe or the USA.

At Positive Audio Limited we understand not only what business models work, but also the cultures and differing personalities that exist across the region. We are able to accurately translate your brand so that it is acceptable and workable in all countries across the region. We are also able to manage your brand through the ever complex issues associated with product compliance, which is a common hurdle that stops many companies from actively promoting their products in many countries in the region.

From mid 2010 Positive Audio Limited began to establish its own distribution business focusing on the Greater China Markets. This was a move in response to many client comments that current distribution networks into China offered little but a basic trading platform and no support for effective marketing or brand building. Given our experience in both marketing and distribution management we felt this was a good direction for expansion of our business and hence we now offer a distribution platform to MI and Professional Audio brands allowing them to more easily access the growing China market and with a partner that they can easily communicate and cooperate with.

Other Businesses

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